A managed Wordpress multisite hosting.


Ownpress is managed by a group of freelancers known as Genwarp. We are focused on bringing your business into the internet and help you gain success whether you are a start-up or have no coding knowledge. You can trust us!


We hate slow websites! With our fully managed WordPress platform we will make sure that your website doesn’t cripple. We do all the coding and optimization stuffs so you can focus more on designing your website.


What are the advantages of WP hosting?

Our managed WordPress hosting server environment was designed specifically with WordPress in mind. We automatically implement core updates and security patches for you.

Is managed WordPress worth it?

WordPress hosting are well worth it. Managed WordPress hosting environment gives you a reliable foundation oin starting your very first website journey.

Why should I host with Ownpress?

We are structured with maximum value and a payment plan that will not break your wallet. We offer support even on our free plan users. We maintain our network stability with trusted module authors only.

Is email included?

No, we don’t support emails for now as we are focusing on improving our WordPress hosting service only. But, we might add it in the future.

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